Introducing Baby Benjamin 

For some reason, Susie didn’t care for my suggested names for our unborn child, “Baby X” or “Baby Unknown.” So, since wives know best, we’ve agreed to call our coming bundle of joy, Baby Benjamin.

At the recent ultrasound, we decided to take a peek to find out whether our developing Baby Benjamin is a girl or a boy. Mommy K  and Father Ray, as Susie calls my parents, have all sons. And Susie’s late Mom, Jennifer had daughters. And Simone, Susie’s sister has all girls. Baby Benjamin is the pending tie-breaker.

But we’re not telling. Rather, we’re not telling Mommy K and Father Ray because they adamantly insist upon being kept in the dark. In respect of their wishes, we are not making our knowledge publicly known.

I am in awe of this miracle. And I feel blessed to share this experience and impending parenthood with SusieQ. Fittingly, Susie chose Billy Ocean’s “Suddenly” as our song this morning. That oldie but goodie captures our feelings for each other as well as the love we feel for Baby Benjamin.

We want to share images of our miracle with you. The ultrasound tech revealed that our developing Baby Benjamin is approximately 5 lbs. The sonogram showed us arms, legs, a beating heart and serene looking fetus. Below are the sonogram images of Baby Benjamin at 8 weeks 3 days (and a few milligrams) and 34 weeks 1 day (as of April 16). For clarity, we labeled where the body and head are. Thanks for sharing in our joy.

Tiny Baby Benjamin at 8 weeks 3 days
Tiny future Baby Benjamin at 8 weeks 3 days
Baby Benjamin profile at age 34 weeks 1 day
Future Baby Benjamin  in profile at 34 weeks 1 day
Baby Benjamin's serene visage at 34 weeks 1 day.
Baby Benjamin’s serene visage at 34 weeks 1 day.

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