This Writer’s Life: Love is… Michael and Susie

My older brother, Michael, married Susie Q Wong this weekend and in a surprising turn of events I ended up being his best man. As a romance writer, I love weddings and this one was no exception. What is posted here is essentially a transcript of my best man’s speech and toast. The accompanying photos are courtesy of our cousin, Steve Tutein, a gifted photographer with Total Focus Studios.


Love does not boast, love is not proud.  

In the last year or so, Michael and I started talking regularly—well that is to say, I talked; he mostly made snarky remarks in response.  
At some point, I noticed a particular name kept creeping into our conversations. And that name was Susie Q. He never said much he just kept mentioning “my friend Susie.” So, I started listening to his words more closely, to the silence between his words. And what I heard was love. And when he finally came out of the Susie closet and told me they were dating I said, “No shit.”

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